About Amanda



I used to be a doggie mommy until my fur baby went to doggie heaven. :-(
I love dipping my fries into my chocolate malt, extra cilantro on my Mexican food, and slurping on sangria swirls.
I'm absolutely NOT a morning person, which is exceptionally challenging during Monday morning duty.
I wish that Oklahoma had a coastline because I absolutely love the beach and palm trees!


I've had my teaching credentials in English Education for 12 years now. I'm a born and raised Okie, and, yes, I was at the state capitol for 11 days in April 2018 during the Walkout. 

I've worked with second language learners, kiddos from many cultures, and numerous teams of amazing teachers.

I'm on a mission to help those who are struggling to educate the next generation. I've got experience under my belt that I can share with you! So, check out the rest of my site or shoot me a message (see below). Let me know what you're struggling with or how I can help you solve a problem. 
Hope to hear from you soon! :-) 

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